2022 Challenge starts on the 1st March 22 and runs till the 1st October 22.

See link to Chairman’s Challenge for full details

The Chairman's Challenge has been going for a good few year’s now, and was introduced to the club by Andy Reid when he was chairman. It gives the members a good reason to take their machines out for a ride with a purpose. The Challenge over the years has covered such subjects as distilleries, bridges, village name signs, telephone boxes, light houses, just to name a few. But for 2022 we hope that more of you take up the challenge.

The Chairman’s challenge for 2022 – is loosely based on a challenge organised by the TOMCC in 2021. It will take the form of a challenge rather than a competition. The challenge is: for members to photograph their motorcycle with cafes, snack bars, Tea Rooms or a Coffee House in the background whose names begin with the letters of ‘THE HIGHLAND CLASSIC MOTORCYCLE CLUB’, 32 in all, with no repeats allowed and the words ‘the’ and ‘café’ don’t count and nothing south of Perth. The challenge will start on 1st March and end on 1st October to allow presentations to participants at the AGM. There is no restriction on the age of bike pictured.
A form has been prepared to make record-keeping easy and can be downloaded from the website.

For example The Lairds Cafe , only the L would count for one letter.

Record Form click Here