As the governments has eased the lockdown the committee has decided to make plans for the return of the Loch Ness Rally for 2021. The date is the 5th September 2021, as you might have seen on HCMC Facebook.

Hopefully everything will be OK for this event to take place, but with some restrictions, we will have to follow any guidelines laid down by the government at this time. Non of this will be known till nearer the time, so please keep an eye on the Website & Facebook for updates.

Download the entry form asap and send off your entry, so we have an idea of how many entrants we will have to cater for, if restriction are in place, the rally will be held on a first come basis and refunds will be given to those who don’t make the cut either for the rally or meal.

Looking forward to better days ahead, stay with the lockdown and make this torment end sooner than later. Stay sunny side up.